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Trademark monitoring and search are essential components of trademark management and protection. They involve searching and monitoring the use of trademarks to ensure that they are not being used by unauthorized parties or infringing on the rights of other trademark owners.

IP Brigade’s exhaustive Trademark Search & Monitoring solutions are designed to give customers the insights they need before they file for trademarks as well as keeping an eye out for trademark infringement.

Why Trademark Search & Monitoring?

Why Clients Choose Us

Trademark Search

Sagacious IP’s exhaustive Trademark Search solutions are designed to give customers the insights they need before they file for trademarks. Furthermore, product-driven companies across the spectrum now rely on trademark searches before they launch products or services in new markets. Trademark searches enable businesses to save time and cost while filing trademarks by allowing them to side-step any form of infringement or rejection.

Trademark Monitoring

Sagacious IP’s state-of-art Trademark Watching services allow brands to keep an eye out for trademark infringement both globally and within the regions they operate. Our dedicated team leverages both conventional and non-conventional resources to keep a track of possible infringement and enable customers to protect their valuable brand names.

Trademark Landscape Search and Analytics

Sagacious IP’s Trademark Landscape Search enables companies to understand trademark trends and make informed decisions. Businesses leverage our Trademark Landscape Analysis to identify competitors’ trademark filings, their strategies, and new opportunities in different classes and countries to tailor their business and trademark-related R&D investments accordingly.

Trademark Drawings

A trademark drawing is a visual representation of a proposed trademark that helps distinguish a company's products or services from those of competitors.