With a decade of experience and qualified researcher we help companies reach their IP protection goals. IP Brigade is a values-driven consulting agency dedicated to support IP law firms, corporations and inventors with topnotch results.




IP Brigade offers comprehensive Intellectual Property Management Solutions, including patent proofreading, patent docketing, office action shell response, and information disclosure statement preparation. Our tailored services ensure meticulous management of your intellectual property portfolio, maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk. With our expertise and dedication, we provide strategic solutions to help safeguard your innovations and propel your success in today’s competitive landscape.

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Patent Docketing

Get IP Brigade’s expert paralegal support services to flawlessly manage your patent docketing process

Patent Proofreading

IP Brigade’s Patents Proofreading service enables you to identify errors in a granted patent by cross-examination

Office Action Shell Response

IP Brigade’s Office Action (OA) Shell Response service enables you to draft a response to overcome the patent examiner’s objections

Information Disclosure Statement Preparation

IP Brigade’s IDS Preparation service involves drafting an IDS which is a list of references (invention-related) supplied to the patent office by the applicant.